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Boundless CF Vaporizer

Higher LvL Vaping

Boundless CF Vaporizer

Higher LvL Vaping

Price: $169.99 CAD


Boundless CF Vaporizer



  • Dry Herb & Concentrates
  • 5 Pre-Set Temperatures
  • Large Capacity Oven
  • Rapid Heat-up Time
  • Stealth Mode
  • Battery Indicator
  • Memory Function




Boundless Vape Technology introduces the CF vaporizer. The Boundless CF combines style with superb airflow to allow a big and comfortable draw for the user.

The Boundless CF has a fully isolated air path that cools the smoke simultaneously while the user vapes, without the byproducts of combustion smoke. Heats up in about 20 seconds or less.

*3 New Updates to the CF vaporizer.

Stealth Mode: The CF can now be heated and in use without the luminosity of the LED lights.  Hold the CF power button down for 3 seconds to enter stealth mode.

Battery Life Indicator: 3 rapid clicks on the CF indicates the battery life. 

Memory Function: The CF will now remember the last temperature used and will heat to that setting the next time it is powered on. 

CF has a five temperature control system starting at 355°F(179.4°C) with 15°F(-9.4°C) increases per level, up to 415°F(212.8°C).

CF has an internal lithium battery and is not replaceable.

Capacity: 1300mAh

Output voltage: 3.7V

Sleep protection: 5min with memory function.


*Two-year warranty on the product and battery and offer a $25 replacement fee for internal maintenance/replacement after the two years.

Amount of sessions depends on what temperature the CF is being vaped at and the battery can last anywhere from 10-15 sessions depending of what level it is being vaped at.

It is not recommended to use the vape while charging.


Warranty and Returns


Boundless Vapes wants all of our customers to have the best experience possible with our products. All Vape products produced by Boundless Technology are backed by a Two Year Manufacturer Warranty.  Regardless of where the product was purchased you can contact Boundless Vapes via Email (see contact us page) or by calling us during business hours.

We accept all unused products back within 7 days of purchasing the product. Due to the nature of the product we are unable to accept used product.


How to Ship Product Back to us.

1. Make sure to clean the product. 

2. Securely pack the product  

(If the return is for a warranty info@bndlsvapes.com or call to receive your RMA for Shipping)

3. Ship Product back to 1801 S. Excise ave Suite 112 Ontario CA. 91761

4. Once we receive the package we will notify you via email





Boundless Vape Technology was founded with a passion for the advancement of vaporization technology and advocacy for the rights of the vaping community. We aim at delivering an affordable, reliable, and efficient experience for the consumer while developing new methods that are able to achieve the highest of effectiveness at delivering medication.


There have been many stigmas in the vaping community, especially between the e-juice and cannabis communities, and we aim at uniting these two sides for the advocacy of our rights. Join us and rise Above the Clouds to support a future where users of medicinal and recreational products can enjoy themselves, without the byproducts of carcinogens or inhalation of unknown chemicals during the combustion process.