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Bigger and Better!

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New Look Coming Soon!

 Heads up!!  New website is on its way!  We are so excited we couldn’t wait.  Keep your eyes peeled, some day very soon there will be a bigger, better, new website with easier phone purchasing power! New products, new prices, new look, but still the same great service, quality and fast shipping.

New Product! Itsa Flavour Cards.

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You Choose the flavour!  You Choose the Strength!


As many of you remember, last December the flavour ban came into effect over all tobacco products in BC.  While these regulations differ province to province, here in BC this means that it is now impossible to come across cigarettes and small cigars flavoured with a fruity, or a sweet taste.  Some flavours are still allowed because they are aimed at 19+ adult audience (Wine, Port, Whiskey, Rum etc).   While some products have adapted with changing the size of the cigars, changing their flavour recipes, and packaging there are still some products that are no longer available.   Prime times, Cherry Blackstones, Captain Blacks, Swisher Sweets and Phillies Cigarillos; there are no substitutions or options, until now.

Itsa is a fantastic alternative to take the products you already love and add a little flavour.


ico-step1          Add Flavour Card to Product



ico-step2          Wait.  The longer you wait, the stronger the flavour.


ico-step3          Enjoy!


Purchase here and let us know what you think!

BC Smoke Shop





Male, Female… What’s the deal? All you need to know about parts.

Posted by: Jacqueline David on 11.19.2016 | Filed under: Uncategorized | Comments Off

Working at BC Smoke Shop, online and in the store, one of the most common issues we come across is repairing glass bongs.   A lot of our customers have had their bongs for many years and when a bowl, or downstem breaks they aren’t sure what part and what size is needed.  I am going to try to simplify this for everyone in this Blog post, or at least give it a shot and tell you about the different sizes and genders of these parts.


First, there are two main styles of bowls for bongs.

This one below is often called a “Slide” Bowl or “Pull-Out” and has a tube that goes into the Downstem (Pictured beside), and a O-Ring on the bowl that seals it when it is in place.  These slides come in two different sizes 9mm and 12mm, and therefore the downstems are either 12mm (to go with 9mm bowl) or 16mm (to go with the 12mm bowl).


Picture1          Picture2       Picture3

The second style of bowls are Glass on Glass, which have a sandblasted end to fit into a glass on glass downstem (Pictured beside). This style is becoming more common these days because they are easier to clean, and require no rubber grommets.  These bowls come in 14mm, 19mm  10mm and can even be male or female.  We will get into the Male vs Female a bit later in this blog.

4                   5      6



The downstems are the glass piece that your bowl goes into.  Depending on the style of your bong (Glass on Glass or Slide) you may have a downstem that is secured by a grommet (slide) or one that pulls out(glass on glass).  Downstems also come in different lengths as well diameters.   To figure out what length you need when replacing your downstem do the pencil test.

Stick the pencil down, mark, and then measure.  This will be the approximate length of your replacement downstem.   When finding a replacement downstem, most of the time there will be two numbers in its name.  One to note the diameter (10mm-19mm) and one to represent the length, normally in inches. (3’’-16’’ are most commonly stocked at BC Smoke Shop)


7  8  9


Now lets talk about downstems that are needed for Slide Bowls.   These ones are the ones that are fixed in place and secured to the bong with a grommet. If you are needing to replace one of these it is a good idea to get a replacement grommet for it.   These grommets come in two different styles, Top Hat and Donut, and different sizes 13mm or 16mm.  There’s not that much difference between the two styles.  The Top Hat Style is easier to put in, while the donut shape one creates a slightly better seal.  Either way when replacing the grommet and downstems, its always a good idea to dish soap the items up to ease them in place.

10      11



Now’s where things get interesting.  When referring to Glass on Glass, devices have either male or female parts, and therefor the bowls/domes will be the opposite gender.  While there is no set rule, most glass on glass bongs will be female with male bowls.

Here is an example of some male pieces.


14   15  1213

Here is some examples of female pieces

16  17  1819

And to add to it all there are adapters, to switch you from size, male, female etc..

14-19 male to female g61

Hopefully this has been helpful.  If ever you are still unsure, you are more than welcome to bring your piece down to the shop and we can help you find the perfect fit or give us an email.  Open 9-7 Everyday!

Make the most of summer with the Visitors Choice Guide!

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With the move over and the new store open and busier than ever, staff at BC Smoke Shop now have a chance to get back to normal.  What a perfect time! Summer is almost here and although we are open 7 days a week 9am-7pm, with the change of the season there are still many light hours left after getting off shift.   We are lucky and blessed to live in Victoria BC.  There is so much to do on our island and staff here all agree that Visitors Choice International Guide is the best resource when planning on and off island activities. They even have a section of great rainy day activities to do, which is always a good idea to have in your back pocket here in Victoria!


If you haven’t been able to get your hands on one of these guides make sure to grab one next time you’re in or check out their website here.

We Have Moved!!

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Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.24.39 AM

So there’s been an absence in blog posts lately but there is a very good reason for that.   We moved!  Don’t worry we are still in the heart of Quadra Village, but just 6 doors down in a bigger and better location.   We are now located at 2624 Quadra Street, across from the entrance to Fairways Market.

It was a hectic week of packing and moving and then setting up but we did it.  Our new shop is amazing.  It’s 3x the size of our old store, double the display cabinets, plus a gallery for all our Heady pieces and future space for art.

Something that is new with our store is that we now have our tobacco covered, rather than continuing having displayed tobacco like the old store.  This is a plus because we can now allow all ages in our store.  Before, we had a good following of parents that would open the door and call one of our wonderful staff to wait outside with their children while they did their shopping.  Now you are welcome to bring your strollers and offspring in. Dogs are still welcome, but please lock up your bikes outside on the rack provided.

Come visit us at the new store 2624 Quadra Street. See you soon~!  BC Smoke Shop

                                                      Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.25.15 AM

How to use your new Arizer Solo Vaporizer!

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How to use your new Arizer Solo Vaporizer!

Step 1: Turn on the Solo

To turn on the unit press both the up and down buttons for a few seconds.  The unit will beep and then begin to heat up.  The sound function can be turned on and off by powering on the unit and holding down the up button for approx three seconds.

Step 2: First Use Instructions

The solo comes with two different tubes: a bent one and a straight one.  If this is your first time using the Solo you might find that the tube doesn’t fit.   This isn’t because it’s too big but because the unit is new, you will need to “break in” the seal.  Do this by heating up the solo to max temperature. Straight out of the box, we recommend heating it up for at least 7 mins to burn off any residue left from manufacturing.  Then take your tube and align it straight and insert it into the seal.    You will only need to do this once.  These glass tubes are hand made and some vary in size slightly.  Having a tube fit too snugly or too loose does not affect vaping.  Remove the tube and then power down to allow the unit to cool to prepare for the next step.

Step 3:  Select a Temperature

Level 1 – 50C/ 122F

Level 2 – 185C/ 365F

Level 3 – 190C/ 374F

Level 4 – 195C/ 383F

Level 5 – 200C/ 392F

Level 6 – 205C/ 401F

Level 7 – 210C/ 410F

Finding your perfect temperature is a matter of desire and preference.  A higher temperature produces a thicker vapour, lower produces a lighter vapour.  At any point if you get a thick cloud, or if your product burns be sure to turn down the temperature to ensure you are vaping and not smoking.  You will find that drier product has a lower vaping temperature, and moist product a higher temperature.

Step 4: Pack the Solo 

Take one of the Solo tubes and pack with ground product. It is required that you grind up product to ensure optimum surface area, but be sure to not grind the herb up too finely.   Doing this will prevent the product from falling through the tube, as well as not falling in the unit itself.   This way you wont need to clean the device that often. Pack bowl, but be sure to not pack too tightly to allow airflow to come through.  When the Solo is at desired temperature turn the unit upside down and insert the packed tube into the unit, so that the product does not fall out.   Turn the device over and begin next step.

Step 5: Begin Use

Wait a couple of seconds and then begin to slowly inhale.  Inhaling slowly maintains a good vapour temperature, as well prevents product from getting pulled into the tube.  You may need to adjust the temperature, turning it down as you finish the bowl.

Step 6: End Session

When you are finished turn the unit off, and remember to turn the unit upside down to pull out the tube.  Remember the tube and the heating element will be hot. It is recommended that you clean out the heating unit after it is cooled to cut down on future cleaning.  This can be done with a pipe cleaner or a Q-Tip.  Tap out used product, being careful with the glass tube. You might consider getting a Pulsar Tap Tray or something similar to tap out product without risk of breaking the glass tube.   Be sure to cap the heating element with the cap attached to the element to stop dust and other materials from getting into the element.

Other Tips and Notes:

▪    The Solo Vaporizer has a built-in automatic shut off safety setting after 12 minutes of idle time. To reactivate the temperature, simply turn it back on and press the “Downward Arrow” Button for a couple of seconds to return to the desired temperature level.

▪    The Solo offers over 1-2 hours of continuous use per full charge, and four hours time period is required for the Solo to charge completely.

▪    Whenever possible try to let your Solo charge to full capacity in between use. A full battery will go much further than one that is periodically recharged for short periods of time.

▪     Be sure to turn off your Solo  right away if taking a break “mid-bowl”. Even though the Solo has an automatic shut-off safety feature if you leave it on even just for a few minutes it will continue to vaporize your material and cause it to taste stale when you resume use. Despite what many self-professed “vaporizer experts” online may claim, when done right, no quality vaporizer will ever result in a “burnt popcorn” type taste when used correctly.

420 Sale!

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BC Smoke Shop Logo Clear Back 10 2014

420 Sale!!!!!!

It’s that time again, our annual 420 Sale! This year we have some great deals for you!

Check out our sales on the following Vaporizers, E-Pens, Bongs, Papers, and more!

Arizer Logo

All Arizer Vaporizer units on SALE!

Extreme Q’s 20% off

V-Towers 20% off

Solo’s 20% off

Air’s 20% off

Why Arizer?

Exceeding customer expectations for a decade. Innovative original designs, quality products and fair prices, backed by the best customer service in the industry.

Buy with confidence. Buy Arizer.

Unrivalled Performance

High quality ceramic and glass parts are used because they are inert / toxin free and help to release flavourful oxygen-rich vapour without the heat or harshness found in other products.

Quality & Reliability

Manufactured to the highest standards using the highest quality components, backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranty & industry-leading customer service.

Customizable Experience

Optimized heating systems and variable temperature controls effectively release pure flavours, aromas, and active components in a light smooth vapour or a thick efficacious vapour, whatever you prefer!


Don’t get bogged down with complex functions or endless cleaning and maintenance. Our products are simple to use and the removable glass parts make them incredibly easy to clean.

Worldwide Use

All Arizer products come equipped with a 110-240V power source, safe for use worldwide. UL and International Safety Standards Met and Approved.

The Price

Arizer products are sold at a very reasonable price and perform better than units costing over twice as much!

                                    logo-retina shine            prod-shot-A2b_1024x1024

Shine 24k Gold Papers 20% off 

Shine® 24k Gold Papers and Cones

 Luxury at your fingertips. Don’t be at the party. Be the party.

Handcrafted 24K gold rolling papers made with the finest edible gold.

Made with a hemp blend base for the smoothest burn.

RAW logo copy

RAW Natural Single Wide and 1 1/4 Papers 20% off

RAW Organic Single Wide and 1 1/4 Papers 20% off

RAW Roll Caddy’s 20 % off


All Styles of RYOT Dugouts 20% off


HI-Guy Bongs and Bubblers 20% off!

Gear Honey Jar’s 20% off

The Knockout 20% off

 Vision Spinner Batteries 20% off

Yocan Exgo II Concentrate Tops 20% off

Juicy Electronic Cigarettes 20% off

And don’t forget about our FREE SHIPPING on orders over 49.99!

Sale Ends Close of day on April 20th 2016

Interac E-Tranfser Now Available!

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BC Smoke Shop is happy to announce that we now have an additional method of payment for our online store.   Interac Online E-Transfers are now available to our Canadian customers. Because this method of payment uses financial institutions and direct money transfers, this is one of the safest methods of payment you can use.  Not to mention its super easy! All you need is an email address, access to online or mobile banking and the email address of the person you wish you send money to.

Here’s how

Step 1: Shop online and head to the checkout

Step 2: Fill out your information and select “Pay by Interac Email Transfer”

Step 3: Check your email (if its not there be sure to check your Junk Folder) for the confirmation email and order number

Step 4: Go to your online banking and send an Interac Email Money Transfer for the amount on your invoice to orders@bcsmokeshop.ca .  Use your six digit order number as the answer to the question.

You’re Done You will receive another email confirmation once BC Smoke Shop has accepted your email money transfer.  From then, keep your eyes peeled for your Shipping Confirmation email that holds the beloved Tracking Number and anticipated delivery date from Canada Post!

Happy Shopping!- BC Smoke Shop

Shoppers Drug Mart touts itself as ‘safest option’ for dispensing medical marijuana

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usa-marijuana-washingtonFROM CBC NEWS


Canada’s largest drugstore chains are reportedly looking into the possibility of selling marijuana in their stores as soon as the regulatory framework makes it OK to do so.

According to a report in Wednesday’s Globe and Mail, Shoppers Drug Mart has been making preliminary inquiries with suppliers about possibly distributing their marijuana-based products in the chain’s network of 1,300 stores across Canada.

When asked for a statement on the Globe report, Shoppers spokeswoman Lana Gogas told CBC News, “We believe that dispensing medical marijuana through pharmacy, like other medications, is the safest option.

“Current Health Canada regulations stipulate that the only legal method to obtain medical marijuana is through a licensed producer. Therefore, pharmacies are not permitted to dispense medical marijuana at this time,” she added.

Shoppers is the largest pharmacy chain in Canada, but it is far from the only one. London Drugs, a Western Canadian retailer with 35 locations across B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, also says it is interested in getting into the marijuana business, and adds that pharmacies are the best, most logical place to effectively monitor the trade.

‘They’re the first of many that are going to say ‘yeah we want a  piece of this’- Mike Moffatt, Western University

“We believe that it would be distributed — and should be distributed — through pharmacies, where pharmacies can help guide people to use this on a medical basis,” the Vancouver-based chain’s vice-president of pharmacy John Tse said in a statement Wednesday.

The industry is represented by lobby group the Canadian Pharmacists Association, which urged caution on the issue in a statement to CBC News on Wednesday.

“[The] CPhA is currently reviewing its existing policies to ensure its policy position regarding pharmacist dispensing of medical marijuana reflects patient safety in this evolving area,” a spokesman for the group said.

Changing legal backdrop

The marijuana industry in Canada, which was underground for decades, could undergo major upheaval now that the Liberals are in power. During the last federal election campaign, the party said it favoured a loosening of laws and regulations around marijuana.

While it is currently illegal for recreational use, marijuana is already legal for medicinal purposes in Canada, and on Wednesday, the Supreme Court struck down a ban on medicinal users who grow their own potfor their own consumption.

federal task force led by Toronto-area MP and former police chief Bill Blair is looking into the regulatory framework that could underpin decriminalization or outright legalization for recreational use.

Shoppers’ parent company, Loblaw, has lobbyists on the official government registry who have, among other things, pressed the government on the topic of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

In recent weeks, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has mused about the possibility of letting the province’s liquor control board, colloquially known as the LCBO, be a state-sanctioned distributor of marijuana if and when the law allows for it. The LCBO has a monopoly on selling liquor in the province, and Wynne touted the agency’s supply chain and security experience with making it an ideal option.

Financial bonanza

The experiment of other jurisdictions that have gone down the legalized pot path could be illustrative. Colorado legalized recreational pot in 2014, and last year’s official state figures show more than $1 billion in sales that led directly to $135 million in tax revenue.

Western University professor Mike Moffatt told CBC News in a recent interview he estimates Canadian jurisdictions could see a similar bonanza, calculating that the industry could be worth billions a year across the country.

“I think they recognize the potential size of the market and how it allows them to get a foot in the door for recreational pot,” Moffatt said. “They’re the first of many that are going to say ‘yeah, we want a piece of this’,” Moffatt told CBC’s The Exchange. “This is a market worth $10 billion and companies are not going to leave that on the table.”

Legalization could help on the other side of the ledger, too, as the $2 billion a year that Statistics Canada says we currently spend enforcing various drug laws would be significantly reduced.

Moffatt adds that medicinal pot would work well in the pharmacies’ existing business, since they already have extensive experience handling and selling restricted products such as pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs. Recreational sales, however, would be an entirely different challenge.

Shoppers Drug Mart is now owned by the Loblaw group of companies, something which gives the chain an unparalleled retail reach across the country.

“Canadians could soon purchase some President’s Choice medicinal marijuana,” said professor Sylvain Charlebois, from the University of Guelph ‘s Food Institute. “This may sound like a far-fetched idea, but considering how quickly the marijuana landscape is moving, such a scenario is conceivable.”

Canadian bank CIBC recently estimated that legal recreational marijuana sales could bring in about $5 billion a year to government coffers.

“The medicinal market would undoubtedly be a smart gateway into the potentially lucrative recreational market,” Charlebois said.

The Smoking Screen’s 2016 Oscar Pool!

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The Smoking Screen’s 2016 Oscar Pool!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Oscar season!

To celebrate The Smoking Screen’s 1st anniversary and thank their listeners for the support, they are running a FREE Oscar Pool with great prizes up for grabs! Winners will get to select from:

  • $75 Credit for the BC Smoke Shop (bcsmokeshop.ca)
  • $50 Credit for Retro Active: The Alternative Smoke Shop (retroactivesmokeshop.com)
  • Your choice of any film for Jay & Cybill to review on a special episode of The Smoking Screen. If you’re game, you can even co-host!

To enter the pool (which is absolutely FREE), just go to www.thesmokingscreen.com and fill out the form before 7:30PM EST on  Sunday, February 28th. Then sit back, light one up and enjoy the 88th Academy Awards! One entry per person please.

RETRO-PROFILE-400                     SCsmokeshop-768x769