18'' Tall 2 Hose Eiffel Tower Hookah


18" Eiffel Tower Hookah 2 Hose

18" is a unique Eiffel Tower hookah 2 hose consists of a pumpkin-style glass base encased in a metal frame resembling that familiar Parisian landmark. A Mod-style bowl sits a top the metal frame and is accompanied by a 60 inch washable hose. This makes a great gift for hookah smoking Francophiles! This hookah has a new locking system between the glass base and stem ensures an airtight seal every time you smoke. It comes with metal tray and all necessary accessories to smoke right out of the box. This hookah comes with closely matching color ceramic bowl, closely matching color two washable hose, metal tongs.

*Pictures are for reference only, actual product may be slightly different

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