Blazer Flexible Turbo Torch FX1000


Blazer FX1000 Flexible Turbo Torch Black And Blue

Big Buddy Flexible turbo torches features 2500F wind resistant torch flame

Innovative torch head adjusts to a choice of 3 angles; 90 degrees, 135 degrees and 180 degrees making it ideal for all heating applications

Can be used for all high heat needs: soldering, heating shrink tubing, HVAC, culinary use, hobbies and more

Built-in ceramic heat resistant nozzle assembly protects against the normal heat transferred to the torch’s nozzle while the child-resistant trigger provides additional safety in almost any environment.

New for BIG BUDDY this torch features a dual flame feature. Turn off the air flow dial to operate the with a powerful blue torch flame or a softer and cooler yellow flame. This feature is available for the first time in the Big Buddy family of turbo torches


Blazer 189-8121 FX1000 Flexible Turbo Torch Black And Blue

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