Canadian Lumber 3 Pack Rolling Papers


Canadian Lumber 3 Pack Rolling Papers 

Canadian Lumber's 3 pack of 1 1/4 All Natural Rolling Papers with tips. Available in each of our three paper types: The Woods, The Greens, and The Hippys. In addition, we've released the Variety 3 pack with all three paper types, allowing you to experience each of the unique three pulp blends we've created.

Canadian Lumber 1 1/4 Rolling Papers are all-natural, unrefined, and unbleached. Allowing for a quality, slow, smooth experience. Every aspect of our rolling papers is completely all natural. We've even replaced the glue seal with an Arabic Gum Seal; triple distilled tree sap we've sourced from a conflict free region in West Africa. Created for the Mindful Smoker, we're bringing you as close to the raw material as you can get.

To accommodate today’s Mindful Smoker, we've developed a rolling paper trio that is sure to satisfy. All of the three paper types we've created are completely natural, while each have a distinct burn, feel, and quality.

The Woods are made from all-natural, unrefined wood pulp. As a result of the wood fibres being extremely thin and unrefined, the Woods have been pressed into our thinnest rolling paper. Our process allows for the natural brown colour of the raw wood to come through in the paper without adding dyes or chemicals. The intact fibres allow this paper to be durable and keep its natural brown colour.

 The Greens are made from all-natural, unrefined, and unbleached hemp. The hemp plant naturally holds moisture, as a result, the Greens are Canadian Lumber's slowest burning paper. The unrefined hemp fibres remain intact, and are extremely clear in this paper. In addition, the unrefined fibres help to even out the burn, allowing for a naturally smooth and even burn.

The Hippys are made from a unique blend of 50/50 all-natural flax and hemp. As a result, this blend yields a similar composition to rice paper, while avoiding the bleach and refinement that often comes with white rice. The Hippys are soft to the touch while having a slight texture that increases the ease of rolling.

Additionally, all Canadian Lumber 1.25 booklets come with the reversible tray package. Flip the package and fold on the creases to create the perfect on the go rolling tray. Each booklet comes with 40 papers and 40 filters

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