Deluxe Daddy Vaporizer

Deluxe Daddy Vaporizer
Removable Ceramic Heating Element
Hands Free Glass-on-Glass Dual Screen Wand
ON/OFF Switch
Removable Glass Element Cover
Aromatherapy Cup Oil Diffuser Attachment
3 Year Warranty

Deluxe Daddy Aromatherapy and Vaporizer machines are the #1 selling units in Canada!

Change the way you think and feel about aromatherapy and the benefits of vaporizing. The Vapor Daddy and Deluxe Daddy are simple, easy to use, with a timeless design to match any style. The Deluxe Daddy is the only aromatherapy and vaporizer machine on the market with a patent pending removable and replaceable element with a 3 year warranty.

So join the rest of us who enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and vaporizing.

Breathe Easy, Your Vapor Daddy is here!


• Removable Ceramic Heating Element (Patent Pending)

• Hands Free Glass-on-Glass Dual Screen Wand

• ON/OFF Switch

• Removable Glass Element Cover

• Aromatherapy Cup Oil Diffuser Attachment

• 3 Year Warranty

• Designed in Canada

Getting Started

Place your Vapor Daddy or Deluxe Daddy on a stable hard and flat surface.  Make sure the vents on the bottom are free from being blocked.  Plug your unit into a safe outlet.  Turn the heating knob to the highest setting and allow your vaporizer to warm up for at least 5 minutes.  

The wand used with the Deluxe Daddy is a “hands free”, glass-on-glass wand. The “hands free” allows for ease of use while vaporizing. The screens are easily replaced by unscrewing the metal discs, and popping the screens out. The included poker can also help remove the screens.  Your wand is also easily filled with vapor material by placing the material in the smaller wand piece (TV-W112).

Do not overfill the wand piece. It is OK to  fill the wand piece to the top of the metal disc, but do not pack down.  Once filled, screw the metal discs back together.  To get the full vaporizing potential out of your vapor material, it is a good idea to grind them up before placing them in the wand.  This will increase the surface area and allow for the heat to pass by your vapor material.    Load enough vapor material to cover the screen and fill chamber midway to full capacity.  Remember that you don’t need as much vapor material as you do with conventional smoking to experience the same effects.

Why Vaporize

Is vaporizing better for you? It actually can be. If you now smoke, or any other aromatic or medicinal herb, a Vapor Daddy can allow you to obtain the benefit without smoke of any kind. The preferred material is heated just enough to release the active ingredients, well below the temperature of combustion. By inhaling only this pure volatized oil, carried in a light mist, you receive just pure essence, with none of the unpleasant or harmful effects of smoke.

When you smoke herbs are heated to extremely high temperatures, typically around 1000 degree Fahrenheit (538 degree Celsius). This temperature is much hotter than necessary for inhaling the active ingredients of a plant. Temperatures above 450 F (232 C) will set fire. This destroys most of the active ingredients and releases carcinogens and tar. The tar is a mixture of many different chemicals, including formaldehyde, arsenic, cyanide, benzo[a]pyrene, benzene, toluene, acrolein, all of which are not good for your lungs.

By using a Vapor Daddy Vaporizer you can bypass the dangerous effects of the smoke and tar, leaving you with only the desired effects. The experience of a Vapor Daddy Vaporizer is incomparably superior to smoking in every way. Your lungs will surely begin to notice a difference.

You will be able to experience the full effects of any aromatic or medicinal herb, without getting all the toxic contaminants which occur during smoking including heat, tar, carbon monoxide, and other carcinogens. And you will save money on herbs that used to only go up in smoke!Warranty

Warranty Info

Vapor Daddy Vaporizers come with a manufacturer warranty. If you have any problems with your Vapor Daddy due to normal use, please follow our warrany instructions. Your Vapor Daddy is fully warranted to the original consumer purchaser from defect in material or craftsmanship.

Deluxe Daddy Vaporizers come with a 3 YEAR Element Warranty. Vapor Daddy Vaporizers come with a 1 YEAR Element Warranty.

The warranty period starts on the original purchase date. If you have a problem with your unit, contact us within the warranty time period, and your unit will be repaired or replaced. However, any defect created by misuse, abuse, accidental, or intentional damage, normal wear and tear, or liquid damage is not covered.

The warranty only covers the heating element and electrical unit itself. Any attachments, including wand and mouth piece, glass element cover, feet, temperature knob, LED lights, and/or aromatherapy piece or not covered under this warranty. Also any incidental or consequential damage or loss is not covered by this warranty.

You must include your ORIGINAL RECEIPT and the ORIGINAL WARRANTY CARD as proof of purchase. We cannot warranty your unit if you do not include your original receipt and the warranty card (otherwise we cannot tell the actual date of purchase or if you were the original purchaser, in which we must assume it is out of warranty).

NOTE: For security reasons the body and element cover of the vaporizer must be completely clean and devoid of all vapor matter. Any unsanitary or unclean units sent without its original receipt or its original warranty card will be safely destroyed without repair or notice.

Please return ONLY your unit (no glass wands or attachments please).

Please include your name, address, phone number, e-mail and the problem with your unit, and we will repair or replace your unit.

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