Empire Glassworks Dabber - Crescent Wand


The Crescent Wand Dabber, blown by Empire Glassworks, features a copper infused crescent moon blown above a lampworked staff and a copper infused marble beneath the staff. The crescent moon is used as a dabber while the top of the staff can be used as a carb cap, for standard bangers, to concentrate your vapors.  A marble with embedded crushed opals sits on the inner ring of the crescent moon to embellish the beauty of this dabber



  • Boroscilicate Glass
  • Copper Infused Glass
  • Crushed Opal Marble
Length: 5.0"   Width: 1.75"  Weight: 34 Grams

*Individually Handcrafted Art Piece - Limited Quantity and Availability

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