Empire Glassworks Mini Rig Peyote


Empire Glassworks Mini Rig Peyote

Ahh yes, the spineless cactus, Peyote. This psychedelic plant features a blossoming flower that sits on the glistening cactus like a crown. This divine messenger flaunts it's white floral glow in the dark accents that surrounds it's vertical ribs.

Smoke arises beneath this mystical plant, filling it's chamber up like the morning fog. A beautiful sight to see.

Borosilicate Glass
Intricate Lampwork
Glow in the Dark Thorns
Sand blasted flowers


Height: 7.35" Base Diameter: 2.5" Weight: 16.2 Ounces


*Individually Handcrafted Art Piece - Limited Quantity and Availability

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