Empire Glassworks Sushi Narwhal Dabber


Empire Glassworks Sushi Narwhal Dabber

Introducing the Narwhal Sushi Dabber by Empire Glassworks! This scrumptious little fellow is made through artistic lampwork on borosilicate glass.
Designed as a dual functioning dabber, the long narwhal tooth will assist in picking up your concentrate, while the flat stomach will double as a carb cap! Great addition to any themed out collection or workstation. Don't smoke? No worries! This Narwhal Sushi Dabber will make an awesome gift to the sushi & animal lovers alike! Whale this sure stirs up an appetite!
Borosilicate Glass
Artistic Lampwork
Narwhal Tooth Dabber
Narwhal Stomach Carb Cap

Height: 2.5" Width: 1.25" Length: 2.5" Weight: 38 Grams

*Individually Handcrafted Art Piece - Limited Quantity and Availability

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