MJ Arsenal Salem Blunt Bubbler

Salem Blunt Bubbler

The time has finally come again for the MJArsenal Halloween limited edition drop. What will now be a legacy release for MJA, we had a tough task in complementing last year's Blunt-O-Lantern. 

Introducing, the Salem blunt bubbler™! There is more than meets the eye with this witch hat wearing, black cat perching, smoke filled pumpkin patch creation. Available for a limited time, in limited quantities, this bewitched creation will vanquish as quickly as it appeared. 

-Functional Blunt-O-Lantern style pumpkin percolator

-UV reactive green cat eyes

-Witch hat mouthpiece

-One size fits most rolled products

-Limited Edition blunt bubbler™ drop


*RIP Blunt-O-Lantern 2018

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