MJ Arsenal Spellbinder LE Mini Bong


3rd Annual MJA Halloween Drop is here!

As if you were transported to another world. The Spellbinder by MJA will take you to places you never thought imaginable! Enter MJA’s Halloween realm where whimsical mushrooms, spooky blunt-O-lanterns, and eery spiders all inhabit. Each playing a unqiue role in this vaporized ecosystem, watch as the dense “fogs” rolls in and out of view. There is always more than meets the eye with MJA.

The Spellbinder is part of MJA’s 3rd Halloween Limited Edition Series capsule. Handmade with care and excellence using laboratory grade borosilicate glass to ensure quality craftsmanship with each and every piece.

Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary with MJ Arsenal!

Spellbinder LE (Mini Bong) includes:

(1) Spellbinder glass water pipe

(1) Blunt-O-Lantern Ash Catcher

(1) Cactus Green Flower bowl

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