Northern Lights Premium Soft Touch Grinder


Northern Lights Premium Soft Touch Grinder

Discover the feeling of quality with the Northern Lights line of Premium Soft Matte Grinders. It’s luxury design and soft matte material is easy on the hands allowing you to be in control when grinding your herb.

Smooth Grind with a Soft Touch

The premium soft touch matte grinder is an experience on it’s own. The 28-razor sharp diamond shaped teeth are superbly crafted for durability. It is built to last giving you the consistency you are looking for. The soft touch silicone material is 100% certified safe for food contact. Comes with added accessories such as a pollen scraper, soft brush tool, and bonus soft carry pouch. Available in an array of colors, matching your Premium Matte Grinder with your vaporizer or other accessories is easy. Packaged in an attractive gift box, it makes a great gift for the medical and recreational user.

  • Three Chamber Grinder, Four Piece
  • Premium Soft Matte Coating
  • 100% Certified Safe for Food Contact
  • Razor Sharp Diamond Shaped Teeth
  • 2.5 inch in Diameter
  • Strong Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet in Top Lid
  •  Limited Lifetime Warranty

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