Pop Top Jar All Seeing Leaf


Pop Top Jar All Seeing Leaf

Graphics by Winston the Whale

Winston the Whale's famous tattoo art is made with bold colors and iconic imagery. His 3D and psychedelic inspired illustrations are ideal for 420 Jars. Each of these designs beautifully expresses the cosmic and mindful side of the cannabis lifestyle with a retro and cartoon style.

When you are a cannabis enthusiast you tend to see the world through weed colored glasses, and its a beautiful thing. The All Seeing Leaf design peers into the subconscious and shows us that every color of the rainbow and even space can be ours when we have the right perspective.

Every pop-top jar has a durable base and pops with freshness every time you open it. And third, High Times called it "the best in herb storage."

Extra Small
• Holds: 1/6 oz (4.75 g) | 3 fl oz (89 ml)
• Height: 3.25in (8.25 cm)
• Width: 2.25in (5.72 cm)

• Holds: 1/4 oz (7.0 g) | 3 fl oz (150 ml)
• Height: 3.25in (8.25 cm)
• Width: 2.5in (6.4 cm)

Medium Jars
• Holds: 1/3 oz (10.0 g) | 7 fl oz (200 ml)
• Height: 4.0in (10.0 cm)
• Width: 3.0in (7.6 cm)

Large jars
• Holds: + 1/2 oz (16.0 g) | 10 fl oz (300 ml)
• Height: 4.5in (11.4 cm)
• Width: 3.5in (8.9 cm)


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