RAW Skateboard D5 Short


Only available in Canada

RAW Skateboard D5 Short

We made this RAWboard because we skate!

It came about when our warehouse manager borrowed (without permission or course) my custom built RAW skateboard, complete with 1990’s era Xtreme cushy wheels (the thing rode like a Cadillac).  He went down the warehouse loading ramp and into the parking lot where he massively wiped out and cracked my board.  So after I was done being pissed about my broken board we decided to make a limited run of more RAW boards.

The RAW boards are make from 7-ply American Maple from the Great Lakes region of America cold pressed with franklin glue.  We’re not making many of these, so please take care of yours.  Don’t send us flaming emails if you can’t buy a replacement next year if your friend “borrows” it and sends it flying under a city bus.

Totally RAWthenic!


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