Red Eye Tek Ice Grey Hex Tube Bong


Red Eye Tek Ice Grey Hex Tube Bong

Approx 18''

The classic 18" Hex Tube is now available in the limited edition "Ice Grey" colour ​with a distinctive canteen base, and hexagonal tubing for that extra bit of flair. Get this showstopper if you're looking to turn some heads! Available while supplies last.

Product Features:
- 100% borosilicate glass
- Hexagonal tubing
- Unique canteen base
- Embossed logo
- Rectangular ice pinch
- Swirl pattern base
- Signature diamond pull-out
- Rounded mouthpiece
- Clear polished joints
- Limited edition "Ice Grey" colour
- For flower (mostly), trade the bowl for a banger to enjoy concentrates (we suggest the 14mm GEAR Premium® Quartz Male 45 Degree Banger)


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