RYOT Large Walnut Wood Magnetic Dugout One Hitter with Poker


RYOT® Large Walnut Wood Magnetic Dugout with Poker

Large 3''

These Dug Outs are perfect for on the go.  Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, these wooden containers have two compartments, one for product, and another for your one hitter.  An easy and discreet way while out and about.   Each Dug out comes with a cigarette coloured metal one hitter, and a poker that is stored on the underside.  Available in two sizes, and many colours. 

A dug out is a portable smoking kit that normally has two chambers, one for the one hitter (often called a bat) and another for the product. Possibly one of the most discreet ways to smoke. 

These ones have a rotating lid, a poker, and a spring ejected bat.

Lose your Poker?   Find replacement Pokers HERE!



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