Smart Stash Jar and Grinder Hamsa


Smart Stash Jar and Grinder Hamsa

Feel the good titrations with our Hamsa SoleStash jars. This collection is offered in 3 sizes and an array of colors and features a built-in magnetic grinder plate, a funnel, and a humidity packet to ensure your bud stays fresh and you stay high. Activate the included humidity packet by tearing open the packaging, and feel thereleaf. 

Humidity controlled

Grinder plate included 

Small: 3.5 in tall, can fit ¼ oz of flower!

Medium: 4 in tall, can fit ½ oz of flower!

Large: 5 in tall, can fit 1 oz of flower!

1: Grind your herb on the magnetic grinder plate.
2: Pour contents from the wooden bowl lid via the funnel opening.
3: Open packaging on your included humidity packet and place inside magnetic closure under the lid.
4: Store your leftover herb at the ideal temperature.
5: Keep the highs rollin' by stashing in style each time!

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