The Spacevac Puck Container


The Spacevac Puck Container

The Spacevac is the newest vacuum sealed system to arrive on planet Earth! This pocket sized container keeps you on the edge of universal gadgets. Practical and smart you won’t be disappointed. A gasket is supplied to tackle the strongest smells. The unique vacuum sealed system keeps your favourite products Fresher for Longer!

Designed for legal herbs and tobacco storage the Spacevac also has many practical uses which include the storage of make up, pills, pins, medicines, dentures, retainers and so many other small items.

Creates a vacuum seal - keeping oxygen out and allowing no air into the container – Keeping your products ultra clean and fresh. 

Dimensions:  1" tall x 2- 7/8"diameter (2.5 cm tall x 7 cm dia)

SV Capacity:  ⅛ oz / 5 grams / 0.06 liter

 -Patented – Vacuum seals every time

  • -Airtight and Moisture Free
  • -New Unique pocket sized gadget
  • -Gasket for Extra Odor Protection
  • -Available In: Black, White, Yellow, Blue,  Red, Green, Clear, Clear/Black

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