VaporGenie Glass Sherlock


The VaporGenie Glass Sherlock is a unique, handmade glass piece that incorporates the renowned VG vaporization filter technique.
This 'Sherlock' shaped glass pipe allows you to see the vaporization process and generates fast, reliable and tasty thick vapour clouds.
The VaporGenie GS is made out of thick-wall 2.5mm clear borosilicate glass from Schott Glass of Germany. The wall thickness varies from 2.5 - 5 mm, making it very durable. It sits stably upright on a flat surface, so loading the bowl is very easy. The filter top and bowl attach by a ground glass joint.
The bowl of the VaporGenie Glass Sherlock is larger (about 50% deeper) than the bowl of the wooden VG pipes thus able to hold more herb/tobacco.

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