Yocan Evolve

Evolve Vape Pen
2 Dual Quartz Rod Coils
1 Coil Cap
1 Wax Tool
1 USB Charger

Yocan Evolve

Yocan has just released the newest version of their best-selling Evolve vape pen line.  The new (R)Evolve takes temperatures to an all new low.  The (R)Evolve perfectly tempers heat to deliver a low temperature throughout each session.  The low temperatures allow the (R)Evolve to extract 100% of the flavor to give you a delicious, smooth, and clean vaping experience.  The Dual Quartz Rod coil heats up instantly giving you robust vapor and monster clouds.  The (R)Evolve features a sleek and discreet style.  

Low-Temperature Heating
Incredible Flavor Transfer
Instant Heat

Battery Capacity:  650mAh
Coil Resistance:
Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer
10 Seconds of Continuous Heat
USB Charging

In The Box:
1 (R)Evolve Vape Pen
2 Dual Quartz Rod Coils (1 Pre-Installed)
1 Coil Cap (Pre-Installed)
1 Wax Tool
1 USB Charger

The Evolve is both comfortable and compact in a familiar pen-style shape.  Take it with you everyday and enjoy convenient vaping with a small yet exquisite unit.

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