Yocan Trio

Yocan Trio

The Yocan Trio is one of Yocans newest units.  Similar to the Yocan 2.0 but smaller measuring at only 81.5mm. The Trio is a well-designed, refillable, 3 in 1 Pod System Vape pen that enables you to effortlessly change from e-juice, to oils, and concentrates. 

 With advanced airflow leak proof design with a sealed bottom, the Trio is a specially designed pod system vape pen with the airflow in a new way.  The juice and oil pods are crafted with a ceramic coil that delivers clean, smooth and flavourful puffs.   The concentrate pod is with a dual quartz coil which provides the purest experience and crystal clean smooth essence.

 Another thing about the pods, which I much enjoy, is that they are effortlessly magnetically connected to the battery.  This allows you to simply pop in and out the pods.   Switching from substance to substance with ease. 

Like many of Yocans newer devices the Trio features 3 different voltage levels, to truly customize your vaping experience. 

 Low: 1 light on
Medium : 2 lights on
High: 3 lights on

 After turning your device on you can click the power button three times fast to cycle through the different voltage levels.

 To provide you with an incredible experience the Trio also has a built in Pre-heat function that warms up your product before the first use.  Rapidly press the power button two times and it will put the device in preheat mode.   This preheat mode will last for 10 seconds, and if you would like to cancel this preheat, just press the unit again two times fast.  

The convenient built in usb charging allows you to charge it anywhere.  It comes in many colours: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gun Metal, and Stainless Steel.  Satisfying and stunning the trio is built with metal and is slim and solid, easily one of Yocans best products. 


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