420 Sale!

April 15, 2016

420 Sale!

420 Sale!!!!!!

Thanks to all who enjoyed our annual 420 sale. We always looking forward to these special events and we always have some deals on the go for you. Here is our current Sale!.

From April 15, 2016

It’s that time again, our annual 420 Sale! This year we have some great deals for you!

Check out our sales on the following Vaporizers, E-Pens, Bongs, Papers, and more!

All Arizer Vaporizer units on SALE!

Extreme Q’s 20% off

V-Towers 20% off

Solo’s 20% off

Air’s 20% off

Why Arizer?

Exceeding customer expectations for a decade. Innovative original designs, quality products and fair prices, backed by the best customer service in the industry.

Buy with confidence. Buy Arizer.

Unrivalled Performance

High quality ceramic and glass parts are used because they are inert / toxin free and help to release flavourful oxygen-rich vapour without the heat or harshness found in other products.

Quality & Reliability

Manufactured to the highest standards using the highest quality components, backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranty & industry-leading customer service.

Customizable Experience

Optimized heating systems and variable temperature controls effectively release pure flavours, aromas, and active components in a light smooth vapour or a thick efficacious vapour, whatever you prefer!


Don’t get bogged down with complex functions or endless cleaning and maintenance. Our products are simple to use and the removable glass parts make them incredibly easy to clean.

Worldwide Use

All Arizer products come equipped with a 110-240V power source, safe for use worldwide. UL and International Safety Standards Met and Approved.

The Price

Arizer products are sold at a very reasonable price and perform better than units costing over twice as much!


Shine 24k Gold Papers 20% off 

Shine® 24k Gold Papers and Cones

 Luxury at your fingertips. Don’t be at the party. Be the party.

Handcrafted 24K gold rolling papers made with the finest edible gold.

Made with a hemp blend base for the smoothest burn.

RAW Natural Single Wide and 1 1/4 Papers 20% off

RAW Organic Single Wide and 1 1/4 Papers 20% off

RAW Roll Caddy’s 20 % off

All Styles of RYOT Dugouts 20% off

HI-Guy Bongs and Bubblers 20% off!

Gear Honey Jar’s 20% off

The Knockout 20% off

 Vision Spinner Batteries 20% off

Yocan Exgo II Concentrate Tops 20% off

Juicy Electronic Cigarettes 20% off



Sale Ends Close of day on April 20th 2016