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Raw Rolling Papers Review

Raw Rolling Papers are hands down our best selling rolling papers for a reason. They have the best burn, flavour, and ingredients. Raw Classics and Raw Organic also come in pre rolled cones which make them perfect for anyone no matter how much you need to roll, or how experienced you are at rolling.

RAW Black is a unique artisan rolling paper that allows all the flavour of your premium cannabis to be experienced. Technically, Raw Black are double pressed extra-fine unbleached rolling papers - the thinnest, ever made.


The History Of Raw Rolling Papers

A Raw Paper has all the fibers visible but is still translucent in the light. It has a stronger tensile strength while allowing all the flavours and consistency to be way higher - on a connected level that you can feel. It just smokes better. This is the old paper, the old way, and this is the way Raw is made. Josh believes that Raw is the only paper still made this way.

Connoisseurs find it hard to use anything else once they've tried it because nothing else smokes quite Raw Rolling Papers do.