RAW Graffiti Deck Rolling Tray


Only available in Canada

RAW Graffiti Deck Rolling Tray

Make a bold statement with the RAW Graffiti Deck Rolling Tray. This edgy rolling tray brings graffiti art straight to your session with its gritty NYC subway style design.

-Large 16" x 6" surface provides ample space for rolling and preparing
-Slide-proof base holds contents securely in place
-Sleek, lightweight construction easily portable

Bring street cred to your smoke sesh with this graffiti-tagged rolling tray. The graphic design celebrates the rebellious art form of subway graffiti pioneered on the streets of 1970s New York. Now you can pay homage to the graffiti art movement that sparked a worldwide underground culture. Skaters, creatives, and hip hop heads will appreciate this urban style rolling tray.

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