By BC Smoke Shop

Raw Rolling Papers Review

Raw Rolling Papers are hands down our best selling rolling papers for a reason. They have the best burn, flavour, and ingredients. Raw Classics and Raw Organic also come in pre rolled cones which make them perfect for anyone no matter how much you need to roll, or how experienced you are at rolling. Here's Why!

The Gum

The Gum in Raw Rolling Papers is a healthy alternative to many rolling papers that use  glue derived from animal products.  All Raw rolling papers use sap from the acacia tree - so it's more like maple syrup than glue and that's part of the great flavour. 

The Water Mark

Placing a water mark onto a rolling paper is a difficult art. Raw's machinist adjusts the water mark  every day to make sure it's just right.  The Raw water mark encourages the burn to sway left and right, and has vertical hardstops that make your joint burn more slowly. 

The Variety Of Sizes:

1 1/4 and kingsize are both 44 mm heigh which is perfect for rolling cannabis - the only difference is their length. Kingsize make a longer joint of 110mm where the 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 make a more humble joint of 78mm.

1 1/2 is the same length as 1 1/4. It is 60 mm heigh making it popular among people who like fatter joints as opposed to longer joints.

Single wide is the shortest paper at 70mm long and about 37mm heigh. If you like to conserve then this is the best size.

You'll Love Raw Black!

The main difference between Raw Black and Raw Classic is that Raw Black is thinner. What you must understand is that Raw Black can only work well with premium super high quality cannabis, nothing else.

RAW Black is a unique artisan rolling paper that allows all the flavour of your premium cannabis to be experienced. Technically, it's a double pressed extra-fine unbleached rolling paper - the thinnest, ever made.

In the same way Raw Classic is a better all around paper. It's thicker so it can transfer more heat to your cannabis and get it to burn better. So if you have cannabis that is not quite super premium Raw Classic is a perfect rolling paper. Either way you can't go wrong!

Classic is Also Available in Raw Pre Rolled Cones

RAW Classic Rolling Papers are made from unrefined plant fibers and use natural tree sap for their gum line. The watermark provides a slow even burn that sways left and right following a criss-cross pattern. They come in all sizes including pre rolled cones. Since Raw Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers are good for any quality of cannabis they are our choice for the best all around rolling paper.

Raw Organic and Raw Organic Cones

Raw Organic Rolling Papers are made from pure organic hemp using a water method that is extra clean . They are very thin rolling papers that have no dyes or chalk. They have a beautiful natural colour, and burn slowly as all Raw Rolling Papers do. They come in all sizes including pre rolled cones. This makes RAW Organic Hemp our choice for best organic rolling paper on the market today.

Raw Cones

Raw Cones are so popular that we have an entire collection dedicated solely to them. No matter how good you are at rolling, Raw Cones will produce great results. Pair that with these cone fillers, and you have a recipe for any professional or hobbyist to achieve the best results possible in the least amount of time. For the perfect cone Raw Cones are your best choice.