The History Of Raw Rolling Papers

When Josh Kesselman was 5 years old his dad only new one magic trick. He would take a beautiful Spanish rolling paper named Marshfield Atos and light it, and it would just disappear. Nothing would come down not even ash. This was amazing to Josh as a five year old.  Josh's dad performed the trick every year as it was the only trick he knew.  Eventually this curiousity would lead to the birth of both Elements and Raw Rolling Papers. It is worth noting that Raw Papers are considered to be world's first "vegan" rolling papers. 

A Love And Passion For Rolling Paper

This brought Raw Rolling paper's founder into a love and passion for rolling paper. When he started to use rolling papers, his friends cared more about the strain and type of smoke - where josh really cared about the paper. He had a huge collection of rolling papers.

In college he had enough free time to put his rolling paper collection online. He was the first American to really post a large rolling paper collection online - he had some contemporaries in Europe who he began trading rolling papers with.

At this point Josh opened his first Smoke Shop. At the smoke shop he had a chance to start selling some of his collection. His business involved bringing in some papers from Europe and he would send his European connections what he considered low quality American rolling papers in return.

These beautiful European rolling papers really helped his store because Josh's Smoke shop had a great collection and he loved selling the good papers. This brought Josh into the Rolling Paper industry.

One of the collectors told Josh that Jose Emilio from Alcoy Spain was reopening an old factory and no one really understood how important that was - it was the oldest rolling paper factory in world!

The Beginning Of Elements Rolling Papers

Jose was looking for people to buy his papers. Josh met with Jose who sat with his arms crossed and looked at Josh critically because Josh was really still a kid in Jose's eyes, and neither spoke each other's language well.

Eventually Jose said  "Josh why do you even care about rolling paper?"

Josh told Jose of his dad's magic trick and the beautiful Spanish rolling paper named marshfield Atos. Jose Lit up and said "Josh I made Marshfield Atos, my father made Marshfield Atos, my grandfather made Marshfield Atos". They had always lived in that area and had this long history of rolling paper and that particular brand that Josh's dad had used.

The brand was long gone because when the factory became insolvent the brand was taken and closed. Josh and Jose decided together that they would bring the paper's essesence back but could not use the original name so Josh named it elements.

The Birth Of Raw Rolling Papers

Josh spoke to his customers often and he listened to them. They wanted natural products and how natural was better than commercial. Great! But the paper was still not up to Josh's standard. The paper was not natural to Josh, It was thick bleached wood based paper. Josh knew that a truly natural paper that was still the natural colour of translucent brown was needed. He had the idea for Raw at this point. He envisioned the name and the product and knew that people would want it.

When he finally got to actually make the paper in Alcoy Spain. He began Raw and was looking for the bulk material to bring to Alcoy. None of the bulk producers of hemp would supply the historic factory in Spain. Being literally laughed out one office Josh returned home.

Josh returned to the smallest mill he had approached and agreed on a minimum order as opposed to asking them to make the product for him. He had to buy a lot of hemp product and risk everything he had just to accomplish RAW. The fear was real but it was his only choice in that he felt it was necessary.

Once in Alcoy they began to really produce Raw and it mass launched in 2005. It did well and grew, and in 2009 it soared. It was literally being sung about.

A Raw Paper has all the fibers visible but is still translucent in the light. It has a stronger tensile strength while allowing all the flavours and consistency to be way higher - on a connected level that you can feel. It just smokes better. This is the old paper, the old way, and this is the way Raw is made. Josh believes that Raw is the only paper still made this way.

Connoisseurs find it hard to use anything else once they've tried it because nothing else smokes quite Raw Rolling Papers do.

What Raw Papers has Become

Raw Papers is now something that is uplifting and through the Raw Foundation they save thousands of lives around the world while they improve the process of using raw products. Now you can buy Pre-Rolled Raw Cones and fill them with a raw loader. There are so many different styles, sizes, cones, tips because people have asked for these things. Its all about being uplifted people and having a better experience.

Josh does not separate the uplifting nature of RAW products from the Raw foundation and he is proud of both. To understand what this is all really about, you have to try it. It's about beauty, passion, love, and everything positive. So please enjoy your smoke a little more than you did before and if inclined try Raw Shop and  RAWthentic along the way. A beautiful translucent natural brown hemp rolling paper has made its way from a vision to a product that is changing the world, music, and the way connoisseurs enjoy cannabis.