Accessories For Better Cones

February 05, 2020

Accessories For Better Cones

You can find pricing for Raw cones, filling machines, tips and more at BC Smoke Shop Canada .  We are open 7 days a week  to take your call and ship your order.


Tips act as a spacer to prevent your joint from clogging at the end. They are not filters like those found in cigarettes. They make smoking more comfortable because they keep your cannabis in place.  They allow cones to keep their shape and have less waste. Tips can be made from scratch or you can buy RAW Filter tips that come pre-rolled making them both popular and easy to use.

Cone Loaders and Fillers

Filling Pre-Rolled Cones is the easiest way to get a perfectly rolled cone. Cone Loaders and Fillers are all just tools that allow you to get the loose material from your tray into a cone or paper with ease. They range from convenient pocket size tools like Raw Six Shooter and Loader Lean to professional grade machines like The Raw Thumper Cone Filler that fills 100 cones in minutes using sound waves to tap the cones and vibrate the material. Low fi cone filling machine like the Buddies Bump Box can fill 76 cones at once and have no moving parts making them very durable and easy to use.

Wholesale Pricing on Raw Cones

BC Smoke Shop Canada is a one stop shop where you can buy Cone Filling Machines By Raw and Buddies and find wholesale pricing on Raw Cones available by the box.