Arizer Vaporizers Great Flavor And Durability

January 29, 2020

Arizer Vaporizers Great Flavor And Durability

All Arizer vaporizers  are exceptional for vaping  dry herb -  we often recommend them to customers who are looking to get as much flavour and enjoyment as possible from their cannabis. They are  safe and effective  and comply with Canadian regulations so they're a wise choice when your in the market for a herb vape.

BC Smoke Shop has been an authorized seller of Arizer products since Arizer came on the scene almost ten years ago. We carry only genuine Arizer vaporizers and parts so you can trust that we know our stuff when it's time to get advice.

One reason we like Arizer is because they are a Canadian company that operates out of Waterloo Ontario. Our customers appreciate excellent customer service,  along with a manufacturer's warranty and ISO  Standards for your safety . 

For portability we recommend Arizer Air and Argo. For the full experience of a desktop unit the Arizer Extreme Q2 & V-Tower are the way to go.  All of our online collections of Arizer products are organized to include the accessories you need on the same page as the vaporizers so its easy to find Arizer parts for your vaporizer.  We ship quickly and carry everything in house. 


Here are the top reasons why people return to Arizer when it's time for a vaporizer


If you haven't tried an Arizer yet you will be impressed by the flavour. It's really exceptional and you'll come to know the full flavour profile of your cannabis. Many people attribute this to the pure glass vapor path.


All of the Arizers we carry are easy to use while still having a range of temps available to suite most people's needs.


This a big plus especially for repeat customers. Arizers use an interchangeable battery that designed to last. We carry batteries, screens, tubes, and chargers when you need them - along with advice. When you buy an Arizer you can expect it go the mile. The only time your Arizer should end up in the drawer is when you want to try something new.