Aluminum Herb Grinders by Santa Cruz Shredders

April 14, 2015

SANTA CRUZ SHREDDERS Say it best them selves. Check out our collection of these top notch grinders here: BC Smoke Shop Santa Cruz Shredders

Santa Cruz Shredder engineers a great grinder.  They are crafted with a tooth design that is well thought out. These grinders do not use Sharp-edged teeth that dull and allow tiny flakes of aluminum to fall into your smoking blend. 

Santa Cruz Shredder teeth are strong, they won't dull and never release flakes of aluminum.  Comparable grinders cut once – letting material through the holes without further grinding.  But these amazing teeth cut in many directions with clearances so as not to smash herb, producing a fluffy grind

Santa Cruz Shredders avoid Galling which is a form of surface damage arising between two sliding metals in contact with one another.  Their 7-Catch Design allows one to easily adjoin parts with very little effort. This reduces the amount of turns needed.

Santa Cruz Shredder grinders have improved hand and finger grip.  An extremely gripable lid makes it that much easier to rotate the grinder, this is one smooth fluffing tool!

Precision non-fraying screens protect the final pollen compartment. This is a truly drumskin tight screen design.

Santa Cruz Shredder grinders use very high quality rare earth magnets so that the lid closure keeps herbs safe from spills and drying out too quickly. They are ISO Certified and guaranteed for life!

Santa Cruz Shredder grinders use medical-grade solutions to  remove ALL contaminates. This is done by employing the same process used in the medical industry to disinfect medical instruments before surgical procedures.

Santa Cruz Shredder grinders use aerospace anodizing techniques to create the best scratch protection. These finishes come in glossy and matte anodized.

Santa Cruz Shredder – MADE IN CALIFORNIA, USA