Shoppers Drug Mart Supplies Medical Cannabis Online

December 11, 2019

Shoppers Drug Mart Supplies Medical Cannabis Online

Although cannabis can now be purchased legally in Canada, there is still a space left for patients who benefit from the medicincal components of cannabis. Now they can seek advice and stay within their physician's care allowing them to fill their perscription for cannabis at a Canadian pharmacy.

Solomon Israel from the Winnipeg Free Press reports that:

"Although it doesn’t let registered medical cannabis patients buy the drug directly from the ubiquitous Canadian pharmacy chain, it does promise support for medical cannabis users through the online platform and a call centre. That could be a boon to medical cannabis patients seeking advice, said Daeninck, who has years of experience authorizing cannabis for Manitoba cancer patients."

The site is currently live and allow's patients to look at the products after confirming their age.  There are lots of great strains to choose from on their product page which you can view here.

They sell drops and oil for consuming orally:

cannabis drops and oils

They also sell dry herb which can be used with a dry herb vaporizer.

dry herb cannabis

To purchase medical cannabis products, you will need to register and provide a completed medical document signed by your healthcare professional. Once your account is verified you can sign in and start shopping.

Shoppers drug mark signup form.

It is great to see all these high end products for sale to Canadians in a safe, affordable, and trusted way.