We Have Moved!!

June 03, 2016

We Have Moved!!

So there’s been an absence in blog posts lately but there is a very good reason for that.   We moved!  Don’t worry we are still in the heart of Quadra Village, but just 6 doors down in a bigger and better location.   We are now located at 2624 Quadra Street, across from the entrance to Fairways Market.

It was a hectic week of packing and moving and then setting up but we did it.  Our new shop is amazing.  It’s 3x the size of our old store, double the display cabinets, plus a gallery for all our Heady pieces and future space for art.

Something that is new with our store is that we now have our tobacco covered, rather than continuing having displayed tobacco like the old store.  This is a plus because we can now allow all ages in our store.  Before, we had a good following of parents that would open the door and call one of our wonderful staff to wait outside with their children while they did their shopping.  Now you are welcome to bring your strollers and offspring in. Dogs are still welcome, but please lock up your bikes outside on the rack provided.

Come visit us at the new store 2624 Quadra Street. See you soon~!  BC Smoke Shop