What's New?

June 26, 2017

What's New?


Lots of exciting new items in our store lately. To keep you all informed we have a New Products section.  Bookmark that link, and check in there frequently to stay up to date on the newest and best products to be put on the market.

Here's few now!

Kingpin Hemp Blunt Wraps!
Some of you may remember Kingpins Blunt Wraps that we sold in store only, but now we have Hemp Wraps.  Bringing back that Goomba Grape flavour that we all loved.
New Silicone Bongs, Rigs, Bubblers, and Pipes Section
Silicone products are great.  Not only are they unbreakable, but they are BPA free, and are easy to clean being dishwasher safe. They are perfect for on the go.  Pick one up today to take along for that summer camping trip you have planned.  


We have the Trailer Park Boys Line of Silicone Bongs as well at LIT brand of Bongs, Rigs, Bubblers and Pipes. 


New Journey Pipe 4!

We have been waiting a while for this new Journey Pipe to be released.  One of our best sellers in our metal pipe category.  What's changed with this new edition?. They have coated the pipe in silicone making it lightweight, and have redesigned the magnet to be within the pipe.   Still the same pipe with Filter Gap Technology which eliminates clogging and the use of screens.  We are happy to have this pipe back.


Just some of the new products we have brought in this past week.  Make sure to check the link because there is a lot more being added daily.