April 23, 2018


If concentrates are your thing and you haven’t heard of Yocan yet, meet your new best friend.  Yocan came into the industry with a bang, and now sets the new standard for concentrate pens.  They are sleek, work amazingly and have an unbeatable price.   We are proud to carry Yocan products and stand by their products for a 3 month* Warranty.

There are many different models of Yocan Pens.  Each of them having their own unique parts like lids, chargers, coils, and caps.  Click here to check out our Yocan section to have a look at what we have in store. 

Safety and usage info:

  • Click power button 5x to turn most batteries on/off
  • Please note that your battery will flash whenever a) the battery needs a charge b) when a coil/element is dead c) when there is no collar or coil/element attached.
  • Be sure to fully charge ALL batteries before first use
  • Test coils before loading material
  • Follow all voltage and wattage setting recommendations
  • Do NOT use mod/battery in temp control mod unless coil is compatible. Most temp control devices are NOT compatible with ceramic coils.
  • Make sure you are using the right connection. Ego thread batteries may need an adapter to work with 510 thread atomizers.  510 thread atomizers will work with Ego thread batteries. 
  • Tighten parts firmly for a good connection.
  • Avoid over-tightening parts to prevent damage
  • Do not fully discharge lithium batteries to prevent damage
  • Lithium batteries can spontaneously combust in certain situations. Handle with care.   We do not recommend placing any lithium battery in your pocket
  • Lithium batteries are most dangerous while charging. We recommend charging in a fire proof bag or in a fire-safe area. 
  • Immediately dispose of battery if any oil or waxy material leaks onto/into battery contact. Foreign material can create shorts causing fire or explosion even when battery is not in use.
  • Only use products with the material they are designed to vape. Using with any other material or substance may lead to fire or injury.



Lithium batteries and heating coils may cause fires or severe burns.  Use store and charge with caution. 

*Must have original receipt for warranty issues.  Due to the fragile nature of coils, once used they are no longer under warranty.