Essential Tools For Dabbing

Every tool in the dab world has a special purpose. The most essential tool is probably the dabber itself.  Dabbers are used to portion and carry cannabis concentrates from a container to the dab rig's banger, bucket, or nail.

Metal Dabbers

The most common, and likely the first dabber to be made, is the Bakers Wax Tool Lil' Pick-n-Blade.

This tool is well designed to handle the many textures that cannabis concentrates come in. It allows you to grab a portion of cannabis and place it into the dab rig's bucket without handling the concentrate directly with your hands as most concentrates are very sticky and will soften upon any contact with heat.

The pick end of the Pick-n-Blade can be used to carry solid concentrates which are often referred to in the dab community as shatter, while the blade end can be used to carry softer concentrates that are often referred to as waxes or butters.

Cannabis concentrates also come in the form of oils that are most often referred to as honey oil. In order to handle and portion cannabis oils for dabbing most dab enthusiasts prefer to use Bakers Wax Tool Daub-n-Spread.

This tool acts much like a honey dipper does (the kind found in jars of honey from bees). It is used to bring cannabis oil up to your dab rig's bucket.

Glass Dabbers

Glass dabbers definitely have their place in the dab world. One of the major pluses to using a glass dabber is that it runs no risk of scratching your rig or its parts.

Glass dabbers will only work with solid cannabis concentrates like shatter. One major plus is that some glass dabbers come with a built in carb cap making them both convenient and multi purpose.

Flat Carb Caps

Carb caps come in two basic kinds - bubble, and flat. Both bubble and flat carb caps are used to control the airflow of your dab rig, and retain heat.

Flat carb caps are the most universal carb cap and should fit whether your banger is flat, on an angle, or has a wide trough. None the less it's still important to find a proper fit for your individual rig - flat carb caps are the only kind of carb cap that will fit on angled bangers.

Bubble Carb Caps

Bubble carb caps fit snugly into the banger and retain more heat. They will only fit on wide flat buckets. Flat top XL bangers are a perfect fit for bubble carb caps.

A major plus to using a bubble carb cap is that it will remain in place and you can rotate it to control where the directional air flow lands. On the other hand a flat carb cap must be manually held in place while in use.

Quartz Bangers

The majority of our dab rigs come with  bangers. Many enthusiasts will upgrade to a thick bottom banger and use a bubble carb cap in order to have greater control over the quality, volume, and temperature of their dabs.

Quartz glass performs really well under high heat which makes it perfect for dabs. It's  made from real quartz which is why it's so valuable. The rest of the glass used for dab rigs and bongs is high quality borosilicate glass which does not need to get as hot and is easier to form into unique bongs, bubblers, and rigs.

Things to look for in a quartz banger include:

  • The size of the bucket
  • The thickness of the quartz glass
  • Thinner bangers heat up more quickly (good for small amounts)
  • Thicker bangers stay hot longer (good for larger amounts)

Dab Nails

Nails were the original way of doing dabs. Much like a banger, the dab nail is heated directly. A dome is used to control the airflow and heat - this is similar to how a carb cap is used with a banger.

As long as all the joints fit properly quartz nails can be used to do dabs with a bong. These days, bangers are more popular than nails.

Metal Dab Rig Nails

Titanium Nails are super durable and will likely last longer than your rig will. These dab nails are usually made from titanium. They are precision crafted and can withstand high heat.


E-nails are a heat source that will regulate the temperature of a dab to create consistent heat. E-nails can work with both bangers and nails.

Universal E-nails come with a banger designed to fit most dab rigs. Each universal e-nail has a special bottom that can be adjusted to fit rigs with either male or female joints.

Mats, Jars, and Silicone

Silicone is used so that your cannabis concentrates won't stick the their container. The end result is less waste - concentrate is valuable and most people want to avoid trying to remove it from the sides of a glass container. A good jar will have a rounded bottom and no corners.

Mats are a staple because they protect both your furniture and your tools. Silicone is a non-stick surface that can withstand heat and that makes it perfect for both mats and containers designed for use with cannabis concentrates. Concentrate should not be stored for long periods of time in a silicone container - in these cases it is best to use parchment and keep cannabis concentrate cool.