How To Clean A Bong

There comes a time when you need to clean your bong. All glass, silicone, and acrylic bongs can be cleaned. For glass bongs you can use Orange Chronic Cleaner or 99 proof alcohol and coarse salt. For silicone bongs we use Eyce Cleaner! For acrylic bongs you can use Cleaner 421.

Cleaning A Glass Bong

Whether you use Orange Chronic Cleaner, or 99 proof alcohol and coarse salt, the steps to clean your glass bong are the same!

  • Pour some cleaner into your bong
  • Plug the downstem hole
  • Plug the mouthpiece
  • Give it a good honest shake
  • Empty the cleaner from your bong into a bucket for reuse — or to dispose of
  • Rinse the bong with cool water
  • Check if your bong is clean enough
  • If needed pour the cleaner back in again
  • Shake it again
  • Pour it back out
  • Rinse and repeat until your bong is clean

Cleaning the Downstem and Bowl

For cleaning the downstem and bowl the best thing is actually a sandwich bag with a double zip seal.

  • Put your downstem or bowl into the sandwich bag (clean one at a time to avoid breakage)
  • Pour in your cleaner
  • Jostle left and right back and forth
  • The solvents and abrasives in the cleaner will scrub from the inside out
  • If the bowl from your bong is really dirty you can let it sit in the cleaner and then give it a shake

Cleaning A Silicone Bong

It is not a good idea to use any solvents on your silicone bong as that can damage the silicone. One method involves placing your pipe in the freezer - once the resin becomes solid it can dislodge by twisting the silicone bong.  Results vary but it can work on smaller pipes.

At BC Smoke Shop we use Eyce Silicone Cleaner. It's plant based, and does a good job of cleaning any silicone bong or pipe. Eyce's non-toxic formula contains no alcohol so it won't damage your silicone bong or pipe.