BC Bags


The Original Smell Proof Bags

Discover the original and unbeatable smell-proof bags, your go-to solution for preserving freshness and locking in odours. At BC BAGS, we take pride in our bags that are often imitated but never duplicated. Whether you are storing coffee, herbs, nuts, or much more, our bags are designed to meet all your storage needs.

Available in Large and Small Sizes

Large: 26cm x 29.8cm - Ideal for storing items that are half a pound or more. It can also hold liquids up to approximately 1 gallon.
Small: 15.8cm x 17.7cm - Perfect for personal use or smaller items, holding more than a third of a gallon.

Both sizes offer high-quality features and durability, synonymous with BC BAGS, ensuring your contents stay fresh and protected. Whether you're storing food, organizing belongings, or keeping aromatic items discreet, Future Harvest has the perfect size for you.

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