Blazy Susan Kingsize Slim Pink Papers


Blazy Susan Kingsize Slim Pink Papers
50 leaves per pack

-Slow burning
-Super thin  
-Natural Die
-GMO free

Ideal for getting creative with your joints, our King Size Rolling Papers are the perfect option for when standard rolling papers just aren’t big enough. Whether you’re rolling a cross joint or a classic doobie, the King Size is your best friend.

Do you consider yourself a heavy smoker? Are you constantly running low on rolling papers? This might be exactly what you’ve been needing – a Display Box of Blazy Susan King Size Slim Rolling Papers. This is an essential item for every big time smoker. Our King Size Display Box comes with 50 booklets of papers, which have 50 king size papers in each. That’s 2,500 total papers, aka 2,500 beautiful king sized joints just waiting to be smoked!

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