CreativeFlow Donut Bubbler


CreativeFlow Donut Bubbler

This masterpiece of glass art turns into magic with its whimsical donut design and smooth hits. The hand-blown glass bubbler features brilliant colours that swirl into an irresistible glazed donut shape.

Key features:
-Hand-blown by Dan Kilmer, a glass artisan with over 15 years of experience
-Vibrant colours twist into a donut design
-Curved neck and round bowl for easy inhaling
-Thick, high-quality glass built to last
-Carb hole engineered for smooth, flavourful hits

Bring out your inner child and satisfy your cravings with this playful bubbler that delivers tasty clouds with each use. It's the perfect gift for the artistic stoner in your life or a sweet treat for yourself. Each rip will transport you to a warm, happy place.

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