DLX Tips 60 Tips


Only available in Canada

DLX Tips 60 Tips

Available in Singles or by the Box

60 Tips/Pack 50 Packs/Box

60 Deluxe Rolling Tips

 DLX® is specially blended to complement today's finer herbs.  Over the past decade quality and moisture content has greatly improved due to newer growing methods and technology.  DLX is the first paper designed to meet the needs of the modern smoker.

Applying new technology to rolling papers is something that nobody has done in the past 20 or more years.  We have modernized this unique rolling paper to match the modern moister, denser tobaccos that are grown today. 

Why would anyone smoke old outdated rolling papers that burn faster than their?   DLX papers burn extra slow and use our proprietary criss-cross run preventing watermark. We know that a cigarette is only as good as the paper it’s wrapped in.


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