GEAR 14'' Tall Beaker Tube Bong


GEAR 14'' Tall Beaker Tube Bong

Step up your sessions with this luxurious 14" GEAR Premium beaker tube.

Beautifully crafted 5mm thick borosilicate glass for durability
Spacious design with 44mm diameter for big smooth hits
Built-in ice pinches cool smoke before it reaches your lips
24K gold accents and logos add an elegant touch
This stylish and functional beaker bong provides the ultimate smoking experience. The wide base allows for maximum water filtration to produce cool, smooth draws. Strategically placed ice pinches further cool your smoke for an ultra refreshing hit every time.

Made from premium quality borosilicate glass, this bong is built to last through years of use. The 5mm glass prevents damage if accidentally knocked over or dropped.

With its eye catching 24K gold logos and accents, this bong adds a touch of luxury to your sessions. Its sleek curved mouthpiece and modern beaker shape look beautiful displayed on any table or shelf.

Treat yourself to this top-of-the-line GEAR beaker bong and enjoy smooth, refreshing hits for a truly elevated smoking experience.

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