GEAR 14'' Tall Beaker Tube with Worked Top Bong


GEAR 14'' Tall Beaker Tube with Worked Top Bong

Experience the smoothest hits ever with the 14'' Tall GEAR Beaker Tube Bong, featuring intricate freehand designs that will take your sessions to the next level.

Key Features:

14" tall beaker tube with silver fumed & freehand worked top
Rounded mouthpiece and ice pinches for cool, smooth hits
Signature GEAR 'Thumper' pull-out diffuser
Luxurious 24K gold logos
With its unique freehand accents and premium materials, this bong delivers an unmatched smoking experience. The beaker-style base and ice pinches cool each rip for smooth, flavorful hits every time. Plus, the diffused percolator optimizes airflow.

Designed for smokers who value quality craftsmanship, this bong combines high-end aesthetics with superb functionality. Treat yourself to the ultimate smoking experience with this striking yet tasteful water pipe.

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