High Tea Leaf Hemp Wraps - Chocolate


High Tea Leaf Hemp Wraps - Chocolate

High Tea Leaf products give you an incredible 5 wraps per pack, & 25 packs per cartons.

Made from Hemp, Cacao, Mate & food grade flavours.
-Self Rolling
-Open the pack and pull out a fresh wrap and watch it curl. Lay your fill, roll, lick it sealed and enjoy. Be sure to have your fill ready when you pull out your wrap before it curls on you.
-5 Wraps per pack
-The best value in the market with 5 wraps per pouch
-Re-sealable pouch

More Info :

High Tea leaf is an evolution of thoughts and ideas, cutting edge technology and a look back at our indigenous people. The combination of the four main components is top secret as there is no other rolling experience like it. High Tea Leaf curls making your rolling experience convenient leaving you to simply seal the roll easily. Traditional wraps would be folded pre-rolled around a straw. A user would have to unroll these and often cause cracking. Cracking causes irregular burning, canoeing and a poor experience. High Tea Leaf starts flat out of the pack and begins curling in to nice cylindrical roll. High Tea Leaf is stronger than other wraps. It's tensile strength is unlike any other wrap in the market. The combination of the components through a very special process creates a profile that will curl once taken out of the pack. High Tea Leaf is rolling made easy.

High tea Leaf is a clean tasting wrap like no other. It is bleach free and uses natural hemp, cacao and mate. The flavours are food grade and the experience is designed to be clean and consistent. Available in Blueberry, Chocolate, Grape, Mango, Vanilla and Watermelon High Tea Leaf gives an option for any flavour experience.

Hemp is an industrious high strength wonder plant that has a wide range of uses. Once vilified almost out of legal production, hemp is once again being cultivated in full scale agricultural production. High Tea Leaf uses hemp as a base component which provides tensile strength and excellent combustion. All natural hemp does not give the burnt paper taste that traditional paper wraps give off. High Tea Leaf is proud to be a part of the hemp re-evolution.

Yerba de Maté dates back hundreds if not thousands of years with the Guaraní people of South America. While mate was a vital source of vitamins and minerals as part of a Guarani diet, and today mate has become a social experience with Rio Platense people. Mate is a key component in High Tea Leaf providing an earthy flavour that absorbs and retains flavours incredibly well. Mulled down into a paste, mate along with some incredible modern day techniques creates a very special rolling action which gives High Tea Leaf it's very special and unique paper which self-rolls and burns natural without the paper burn flavour.

Cacao is the third key mechanical component of High Tea Leaf. Along with mate, cacao is mulled to a paste, blended and incorporated onto the hemps fibers. The difference densities between the components enhances the roll of high tea leaf. Cacao's natural bitter sweet flavours enhance and balance the earthy mate base to bring out the food grade flavours.

High Tea Leaf uses food grade flavouring to bring you a wide selection of taste experiences. Why burn paper and ruin your experience when you can enhance it with Blueberry, Chocolate, Grape, Mango, Vanilla or Watermelon? Want to go more natural? Try GREEN or BROWN & let the flavours of your fill pop.

You get 5 wraps per pouch so you want to keep those fresh. Our strong re-sealable pouch is great for keeping you wraps moist. Also - to increase the experience, keep your fill in the pouch to absorb the aroma of the wraps.

High Tea Leaf is tobacco free. HighTea Leaf is not a cigarette paper. It is a blunt flavoured wrap.

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