Houseplant by OCB Classic Papers


Houseplant by OCB Classic rolling papers use ultra-thin premium white paper and a proprietary blend of natural Acacia gum for a classic rolling experience. Crafted by French artisans using responsibly harvested fibers, these rolling papers are slow-burning, dye-free, chlorine-free, and vegan so you can enjoy your smoke’s natural flavor.

• Premium white paper made from responsibly harvested fibers
• Sustainably made in France
• Ultra thin, 14g/m2
• Slow burning
• Always sticks natural Acacia gum
• Unbleached and dye free

• 1 1/4 Rolling Rapers
What do you get when you bring together the quality and design of Seth Rogen's Houseplant® brand and the OCB® legacy of rolling excellence? The Greatest Rolling Papers on Earth.™ Elevate your smoking experience with Houseplant by OCB, a line of sustainable, meticulously crafted rolling papers and cones in bamboo, brown rice, and classic varieties.

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