Juicy Jay 1 1/4 6 Pack

Only available in Canada

Juicy Jay 1 1/4 6 Pack

Please note, all flavours shown in picture may not be available.  

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 Juicy Jay’s add a sweet taste to your smoke with these succulent flavored smoking papers. The smoke takes on a slight flavor to it, while the paper leaves a sweet taste on your lips. These papers are so potent that they only have to be in the same room for you to know they're there!

Unlike many other flavored rolling papers, only Juicy Jay's are made with their famous "triple-dipped" flavoring system that not only flavors the paper but sweetens it. The natural flavors of your smoke are enhanced, leaving a mouth-watering tastiness on your lips!

Only soy-based ink and natural sugar gum are used to make Juicy Jay's sweet

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