King Palm Flavoured Filters – Banana (7mm)


Add our innovative terpene-infused filter tips to your favorite wrap. The smooth and creamy flavors of banana make a great companion. A terpene-infused flavor capsule is located inside each all-natural corn husk filter. Just squeeze the filter until you hear a pop and enjoy a burst of banana flavors. The 2 Pack  Banana Cream filters will have you crafting the most flavorful wraps.


Product Details:

  • 100 natural corn husk filter tips with Banana cream flavoured terpenes
  • Packaged in the portable pouches

Though these filter tips, arguably, pair best with our palm-leaf wraps, they’re also great for practically any paper. At 7mm., these filters are small but mighty. Add them to the tip of your favourite rolling papers or put it in your wrap–no matter what you choose, King Palm’s Banana Cream flavoured tips will enhance any smoke


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