King Palm Single Pre-Roll Single – Mini - Grape-HD


King Palm Single Tube Pre-Roll Single – Mini - Green Apple-HD

King Palm mini size pre-rolls hold up to 1g of flower. These naturally-flavoured wraps are the ideal choice for customers looking for tasty, tobacco-free options. This display is filled with 24 individual tubes that contain 1 flavoured wrap. The Mini size is King Palm’s most popular size, and the single tube is a great way to get people to try the brand for the first time.
Each of these pre-roll cones is stored inside its own doob tube that’s then sealed to preserve freshness and quality. And, whenever you’re ready to smoke, all you need to do is pack the end of your King Palm. No rolling is necessary. Bamboo packing sticks are not included with singles.

Enjoy All-Natural Green Apple Flavours
King Palm’s Green Apple HD pre-roll cones offer a sensationally sweet smoking experience. Release waves of fruity notes once you press the filter tip and pop the hidden flavour capsule inside. Lush with notes of Green Apple, you’ll love how our Green Apple HD Mini Rolls complement the taste of your natural dry herb.

Slow-Burning Pre-Roll Leaf Cones
Green Apple HD cones are hand-rolled with sustainably grown Cordia palm leaves. Known for their signature slow-burning characteristics, we use Cordia leaves because they offer an exceptionally flavourful, long-lasting smoke.

Cornhusk Filters For Milky & Smooth Hits
The cornhusk filters we pre-insert into our Green Apple HD pre-roll cones have superior filtration. This means you can take big hits without experiencing any harshness or unpleasant heat from the cone.

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