Northern Lights Nano Ceramic Grinders


Northern Lights Nano Ceramic Grinder

Northern Lights Grinders premium ceramic non stick herb grinder. Never have to clean your grinder again!

Available in Professional Black or Snowstorm White.

The #1 best luxury herb grinder and our best seller!
Three chamber premium ceramic non stick herb grinder

Thanks to the ceramic coating process, you will never have to worry about cannabis resin sticking to your bud grinder again!

Your herb grinder will turn and shred just as easily in six months as it did the day you got it. Best of all, no more soaking your grinder in isopropyl alcohol! Simply use the free soft brush tool included to whisk away anything with ease!

Canada’s Best Herb Grinder
Consistent, Smooth Luxury Weed Grinder Experience

Through high temperature vacuum technology, the Nano ceramics penetrate while creating a bond to the highest-grade aluminum metals filling the gaps making a denser, harder and more secure grinder. This is known as Nano Ceramic Technology.

The precision engineered diamond shaped teeth will not break or chip under normal use and as expected. The 100 micron smart stainless steel screen sifter filters any stems or unwanted pieces giving you only the purest pollen. Containing ZERO Teflon or PTFE it is completely inert and 100% Certified Safe for Food Contact. Built to last, the Nano Ceramic Grinder is truly the last herb grinder you will own.

  • Non-Stick Nano Ceramic Technology – Similar non-stick surface like teflon, but way better!
  • Zero Teflon or PTFE
  • Three Chamber Grinder, Four Piece
  • Certified Safe for Food Contact
  • Precision Engineered Teeth
  • Luxury Gift Box
  • Added Accessories
  • 2.5-inch Diameter
  • Hand Inspected for Quality Assurance
  • Designed in Canada

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