Oranger Chronic Super Hero Spray Cleaner -16oz


Oranger Chronic Super Hero Spray Cleaner -16oz

Glass Quartz Banger and Dab Rig Cleaner

Super Hero spray cleaner from Orange Chronic 99.9% ISO alcohol that eliminates germs. This product is the for cleaner banger, and dab rigs and most other things that have a sticky goo on them, proven to be fast and effective. no after-taste or smell. As with all cleaners please carefully read labels before use, and make sure the product you are cleaning is suitable to be used with the cleaner. Improper use, even with compatible cleaners, can ruin some items. We are not responsible for any damages to products used.

Size: 16oz
99.9% ISO Alcohol
Kills up to 99% of germs
Immediate results
​Easy to use

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