Quick Fix Plus


Quick Fix Plus 3oz

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Comes with an attached temperature strip and heating pad to ensure the sample is at body temp.
The Premixed 3oz formula now contains urea!  Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine is the 3 ounce version of Spectrum Labs' patented premixed laboratory urine. Quick Fix Plus is Unisex Synthetic Urine for the use of both male and female that contains all the ingredients normally found in urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and several other urine characteristics and now uric acid.The Quick Fix Plus 3 ounce bottle comes with an attached temperature strip and heating pad to ensure the sample is at proper temperature. Quick Fix Plus contains three ounces of synthetic urine, more than the amount required by testing guidelines.

Product Directions: Activate hand warmer prior to heating up Quick Fix (may take 30-45 minutes for hand warmer to heat up).  Just shake the Quick fix bottle, place in microwave for 10 seconds.  The temperature strip should read in range of 94° – 100°F.  If the synthetic urine is over heated simply let it cool down at room temperature until you see a reading on the temperature strip. If the synthetic urine is below of 94°, place in microwave for a few more seconds until you see a reading on temperature strip. When the color is within the correct range the color will appear green. The hand warmer can be taped or rubber banded to the back of the bottle, opposite the temperature strip for prolonged heat, and will remain near 100°F for approximately five hours. If you can’t microwave the Quick Fix simply attach the hand warmer to bottle at least 1 hour prior to your test. Coloration may vary from batch to batch. Shake bottle before and after heating and prior to pouring into cup. Do not transport or store this product in the flip top cap.This product has been issued a patent by, and is afforded the rights and protections of, the United States Patent Office.


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