Raw Adjustable Shooter Tube Filler


Only available in Canada

Raw Adjustable Shooter Tube Filler 

Raw has come out with a tube filler for the Raw tubes!  This one is adjustable for 85mm - 100mm length. 

Instructions from inside. 

  1. Place your Raw Tube Filler on a flat surface while you prepare your tobacco. 
  2. Fill your Raw Tube Filler trough with tobacco and make sure you have evenly.  distributed the tobacco through-out. Use the tamper provided to pack down your material. 
  3. Once you have evenly filled your tobacco in the trough, close the top slowly. Your tobacco is how held in place. 
  4. Place the tube at the opening of the filler. 
  5. Slide the top part forward and back, then just a little bit forward to give that extra pack. This last step is a matter of finesse, the more you push on the last step the harder your tube will be packed. 
  6. Slide the top part back to its starting position, open and remove your perfectly filled tube. 
  7. You are now ready to enjoy your perfectly filled tube. 
  8. Based on the size of your preferred tubes, you will need to adjust the "size device" located under the injector. To select the size, place the adjuster to: S for 85mm tubes or L for the 100mm tubes. 

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